Sonu Sharma join vestige true or false?

Sonu Sharma join to Vestige true or false? Why Sonu Sharma Change the company? 

 Yes very true, One of the Legend of network marketing and direct selling change their old company to Vestige. 

Mr. Sonu Sharma is a Crown ambassador of Naswiz retails Pvt Ltd and 17 years large experience of direct selling industries and the founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA) An Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and a successful Entrepreneur.

Very few people understand the difference between true and very true direct selling company. A power of generation plan always works better I am not here to justify but every big leader in the binary company understand their ability to earn and growth potential but due to some limitation of binary and matrix plan all big leaders are not achive as others leaders earn in world level and for endless earning guaranteed system is only Generation plan.

Company switching is good or bad, I don’t want any debate in comments but all individual distributor working for full fill there own and family dreams but after a huge success something is missing we as an Indian not get chance to  world’s topmost 100 or 500 earning person and it can be achievable  in few years by Vestige.

We as a Vestigian welcome Mr. Sonu Sharma for bright future in Vestige.

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