Nutraceutical V/S Pharmaceutical

Nutraceutical defined as a substance content food ingredients which have a physiological benefit or provides protection against normal and complex disease.
Pharmaceuticals are a product of scientific research in any labs that help to prevent normal and complex diseases.
Nutraceutical product is available in our near surrounding and product are the extract of those Food products mostly available in our kitchen. Yes, it’s true. Nutraceuticals can be from plant, animal and mineral source.

Nutraceutical v/s pharmaceutical

pharmaceuticals are human-made modified in labs, natural substances that the body needs to produce or utilize to maintain health, fight disease, or provide the body with the ingredients of daily needs.

The human body uses nutrients to create the chemicals it needs to function. If our body does not receive the proper chemicals through dietary intake, then disease can begin.

Nutraceutical v/s pharmaceutical
In healthcare, Nutraceutical is a substance used to prevent disorders and generally referred to as health products. While in pharmaceuticals substance used in the treatment of disease is called as drug and generally it would be from a synthetic source.

Both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds might be used to cure or prevent diseases, nutraceuticals can be given directly without any prescription and doses of any product not harm effect on the human body, for example, we eat Amla, Aloe Vera, Flax Seed, Spirulina, Noni, Cucumber, Neem Etc. We do not consult any doctor but the doses in pharmaceuticals are very important each dose size is fixed by prescriber doctor so pharmaceutical compounds have the governmental sanction.

Nutraceutical v/s pharmaceutical
License is needed from the regulatory body for selling the pharmaceutical product. Not any license is needed to sale the nutraceutical product.

No matter how people think, both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are Hundred crore rupees industries.

One of the biggest cons of pharmaceutical products is that it can cause side-effects. There is not any side effect in nutraceutical products.

The cons of working with nutraceuticals are that their availability is limited we know or what is available naturally

The difference is in how end users use each type of product. Most pharmaceuticals require that usage be under the guidance of a medical doctor. Nutraceuticals do not typically require medical supervision.

Nutraceuticals cannot claim to be a medication, cure, or treatment for a specific disease under the rules and regulations of the FDA.

pharmaceuticals sciences are to fight disease for the cure, then nutraceutical sciences add to the preventative side of medicine. And always prevention is better than cure.

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