Better Discount Option Then Super Market

 Better Discount Option Then Super Market

Once upon a time, Indian families buy any product from local baniya stores.
now the time comes online shopping with the best discount. but in between all generation change then product buying methods. Like,
– local baniya stores
– branded store outlet
– supermarket like big bazaar, metro, etc.
– online shopping like Grofers, Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Fresh and many more.

Now direct selling methods it’s not a new concept it’s introduced in 1996 in India but direct selling are 21st-century business and in Vestige, we understand better. We Vestigian proudly say that we purchase the FMCG product with 50% and more discount then MRP price of our products.

the system follows is very important in vestige.
No one can deliver a product like a vestige give us at a low price.

In India normal monthly expense of each family is in between 2500 to 7000 for daily use item for 5 people in a family. We check every time from another source of purchase they give us discount only not any income generation opportunity. but in Vestige from regular purchasing we get a product with more than 50% discount with great income.

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